Nevergreen – Terraria in Unity

In this post, I'll be talking a bit about a 2D-survival game for which I'll start creating an MVP.

Today, 1.3.2022, I’m going to start the creation process of Nevergreen, a game that I’ve been meaning to start building for a while now. I’m planning on documenting the development process here on my blog. Nevergreen is going to be a 2D game similar to Terraria, but it will focus way more on the survival aspect. It will be running in the Unity game engine.


I’m motivated by learning, as I’m mostly interested in the technologies behind Terraria. I don’t have any specific game mechanics that I’d like to implement in mind, so feel free to suggest those in the comments below. After all, the game’s main purpose is to hopefully teach me something new.

Blogging about the progress is supposed to make me less likely to abandon the project and hopefully help me publish my first game.

However, this blog also serves another purpose: to be a resource for other fellow game developers that might be heading down the same path.

Starting off

I’m going to start by setting myself a deadline to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), after which I’ll see if it’s worth it to potentially pursue a commercial release. I’m thinking of a deadline of 4 months, as conveniently after that I’ll have to go to the army.

I already have two separate Unity projects which include some of the stuff I need to add to Nevergreen (mainly lighting and world generation), so I’ll try and re-use as much code as possible from those.

Going forward

I’m going to start creating! Each time I encounter something worth writing I’ll make sure to do a write-up about it, but I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated at least weekly.

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I’ll see you in the next post! -Japsu

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